Developing Python scripting for mesh convergence in Abaqus


  • Duc Hieu Vu Le Quy Don Technical University



Abaqus/PDE, mesh convergence, Python, CDP model, blast loading


The difficulty in solving finite element programs is to estimate the appropriate element size to obtain a reliable solution. Therefore, the element(s) size and meshing density is required to be determined reasonably. However, almost models ignored that problem or have to solve it by hand. In addition, the processes recreate meshing, and updating the total model is a really big deal because of time-consuming. To establish a proper mesh convergence method, it is required to plot the curve for a critical result (typically stress or displacement) in a specific part or point in the considered model versus mesh density. To deal with it, the article is aimed to introduce how to use the Python script to estimate mesh convergence. The method uses the Python script automatically to refine the mesh and update the system. In addition, at least three convergence results are displayed to plot a curve which can be used to indicate the achieved convergence. Finally, the article also suggests some critical conditions for implicit and explicit problems to archive the optimum convergence.