Section on Special Construction Engineering Vol. 06 N. 01 published in June 2023


Section on Special Construction Engineering (SCE) is one of the specialized publications of the Journal of Science and Technology (JST) of Le Quy Don Technical University. JST-SCE operates as an open-access journal that publishes full-text articles in English, two issues per year (in June and December). All scientific articles published in JST-SCE undergo a double-blind peer review process by at least two reputable experts who have numerous international publications in the respective fields, with an average review time of approximately three months. In 2023, an article published in JST-SCE has been continuously evaluated by the State Council for Professorship in the field of and Transportation and Construction - Architecture with a maximum score of 0.75 points. The multidisciplinary Councils for Earth and Mining Science have set a maximum score threshold of 0.25 points for an article published in the JST-SCE section since 2022.

JST-SCE Vol. 06 No. 01 published in June 2023 with 14 scientific articles. All of them are original research works with scientific and practical significance, contributing to the knowledge within and beyond the specialized field of construction, construction engineering. They cover various topics of current interest, such as remote sensing [1, 2, 3, 5]; underground construction [4]; airport construction [6]; soil mechanics [7]; bridge and road construction [8, 12]; construction technology [9]; building materials [10]; machine learning applications in construction [11]; structural engineering [13]; and hydraulic engineering [14]. The structure of these articles follows the standard conventions of reputable international scientific journals.

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 List of articles in JST-SCE Vol. 06 No. 01:

[1]  Thi Thu Nga Nguyen, Thi Hanh Tong, "Wildfire risks in the southwest of Ky Son district, Nghe An province - A multi-critical model".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.662.sce
[2]  Nhu Hung Nguyen, Van Phu Le, "Bathymetric mapping of Co To island area, Quang Ninh province using Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 images".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.663.sce
[3]  Dinh Sinh Mai, Le Hung Trinh, Khanh Hoai Dao, "Research on landcover classification solutions from optical remote sensing images using convolutional neural networks".
DOI: 56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.664.sce
[4]  Ngoc Anh Vu, Chu Quang Cao, Viet Thanh Dinh, Van Dua Nguyen, "Effect of the distance between twin tunnels on the internal forces in the their linings under the impact of earthquakes - A case study in Hanoi".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.665.sce
[5]  Danh Tuyen Vu, Anh Huy Hoang, Tien Thanh Nguyen, "The relationship between land use/land cover and aerosol optical depth variation in Hanoi city".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.666.sce
[6]  Van Thuy Do, Van Hieu Nguyen, Tien Dung Vo, Huu Lam Nguyen, "Analysis of theoretical basis for assessing the bearing capacity of airport cement concrete pavement in Vietnam by the dynamic deflection equipment".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.667.sce
[7]  Duc Tiep Pham, Tien Nam Nguyen, Nam Hung Tran, Thanh Trung Nguyen, "Application of nonlinear regression method to calculate apparent cohesion of geogrid-reinforced soils".
DOI: 56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.668.sce
[8]  Nam Hung Tran, Duc Tiep Pham, "Predicting temperature distribution in Hanoi region's asphalt pavement through numerical simulation".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.669.sce
[9]  Tien Tinh Nguyen, Tien Nam Nguyen, "Using a discrete event simulation tool to predict the speed of small cross section tunneling by drilling and blasting method".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.670.sce
[10]  Kim Thu Le, Viet Hung Le, Van Hung Luong, "Effect of sea sand with different chloride ion contents on the properties of concrete".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.671.sce
[11]  Van Tuan Vu, "Prediction of the slump and strength of high strength concrete using Random Forest model".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.672.sce
[12]  Manh Thuong Nguyen, "Research on the application of grating plate as bridge deck slab in Bailey quick assembly bridge".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.673.sce
[13] Dinh Huong Vu, Trung Duc Tran, "Identification of the natural frequency of the offshore truss structure from multiple simulated measured data".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.674.sce
[14]  Dang Giap Nguyen, Cong Binh Dao, "Studying the flood regulation capacity of the Red river upstream reservoir to overcomeincidents at Lien Mac dyke".
DOI: 10.56651/lqdtu.jst.v6.n01.675.sce

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