Journal of Science and Technique of Le Quy Don Technical University continues to affirm its prestige with the State Council for Professorship in 2023


The Journal of Science and Technique (JST) is a scientific journal with the ISSN: 1859-0209. It operates under License number 237/GP-BTTTT, issued on April 28, 2021, and publishes 12 issues per year, of which 9 are in English.

Since December 2020, JST has established and operated an online editorial office at the address Starting from August 2022, all scientific articles published in JST are provided in full text for open-access and are accompanied by a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) provided by Crossref (USA).

In recent years, JST has made significant progress in modernizing its operational processes and overcoming interdisciplinary challenges. The journal has introduced specialized sections, including the Section on Information and Communication Technology (JST-ICT), Section on Special Construction Engineering (JST-SCE), and Section on Physics and Chemical Engineering (JST-PCE). Each of these sections has its own dedicated website and is managed by an Editorial Board comprising reputable experts from prestigious domestic and international training and research institutions. All scientific articles published in these sections are presented in English.

Currently, JST and its sections have been indexed in domestic and international scientific journal databases such as VJOL (, V-CitationGate (, and Google Scholar (

On July 5th, 2023, the State Council for Professorship issued the list of prestigious scientific journals eligible for scoring in 2023, and JST was once again included in the list for scoring by 12 specialized or multidisciplinary Councils. According to this Decision, JST has received a maximum score of 0.75 points from 06 specialized or multidisciplinary Councils, and a maximum score of 0.5 points from 05 specialized or multidisciplinary Councils for its scientific articles. Additionally, the multidisciplinary Councils for Earth and Mining Science have set a maximum score threshold of 0.25 points for articles published in the JST-SCE section (further details in Table 1).

Table 1. The maximum scores for scientific articles published on LQDTU-JST in 2021, 2022  and 2023.

The website of JST and its specialized sections:

- Journal of Science and Technique:;

- Section on Information and Communication Technology (JST-ICT):;

- Section on Special Contruction Engineering (JST-SCE):;

- Section on Physics and Chemical Engineering (JST-PCE):

The Journal of Science and Technique  has step by step improved the quality of scientific articles, as well as enhanced the geographical diversity of the Editorial Board, authors, reviewers, etc., with the aims of developing into an online journal included in reputable international scientific journal databases.