Publishing Procedure

This is a professional procedure for open accessing scientific articles that ensures quality and integrity in the publication process. The process begins with a preliminary assessment of the manuscript to ensure it meets the required format and structural requirements (template). The section editor then performs an initial review of the manuscript's scientific content, novelty, and practicality. The manuscript is also checked for plagiarism using specialized tools and databases available to LQDTU-JST. Once the manuscript has satisfied all regulatory requirements, a formal notice is sent to the corresponding author, and the manuscript is moved into the review process.

The review process is based on peer-to-peer, double-blind principles and is publicly announced on the LQDTU-JST's website . The section editor chooses 2-3 reputable reviewers who ensure independence from the author(s) and prioritizes the selection of reviewers outside the LQDTU. The reviewer proposal is approved by the Editor-in-Chief, and the reviewer’s comments and evaluates the manuscript through the LQDTU-JST's website using their personal account. The section editor sends the reviewer's comments to the corresponding author for revision, and the author submits the revised manuscript and an explanation of the changes to the section editor through the personal account. The revision process between the author(s), section editor, and reviewer is controlled. This process is completed when the reviewer accepts or refuses to publish the manuscript on the system, and the process is canceled if the double-blind principle is violated.

The final decision-making process for publication involves forwarding the revised manuscript, approved by at least two reviewers with an "Accept to publish" decision, to the scientific secretary, section editor and the Editor-in-Chief. The manuscript is officially accepted for publication if and only if it has the confirmation, and then the consent of the section editor or editorial council.

To promote the publication quality of the LQDTU-JST, a publication process named "Online First" is applied to early publish the accepted article that is eligible for publication and approved Editor-in-Chief. The online-first article is immediately attached a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) index when it is available on the LQDTU-JST's website. All articles published by LQDTU-JST have listed in the State Council for Professorships.

Overall, this professional procedure ensures that all published articles meet the required standards of quality and integrity.