For Author

1) The manuscript can be written in both Vietnamese and English; typewritten in A4 size papers, Times New Roman font, 12pt font size, header and footer margins are 4 cm and the left and right margins are of 4 and 3 cm respectively. Manuscripts are submitted online using MS Word files
- The author can download the article template in English or Vietnamese here:                                             
TemplateEn.doc (English) or   TemplateVN.doc ( Vietnamese )
- The author can refer to the writing and posting rules for the journal here: The writing rules

2) The Paper structure consists of several parts: the introduction, the scientific content of the article and the conclusion (Write a separate item). Articles must come up with new results or new applications or to address the current situation, the basic development of the mentioned issues. The papers shall not exceed 10 pages.

3) Titles, abstracts and keywords must be written in both Vietnamese and English. A 150 to 200-word abstract is usually adequate for an article. The abstract should reflect the content and novelty of the research. 

4) References, quotations must have all the information in the following order: Name of the author (or editor), year of publication, title (name papers/scientific reports), name of journal, volume, issue, place of publication, publisher, page numbers.

5) Figures, tables and graphics should be prepared in good quality, fully annotated; formula must be typed by using Mathtype

6) Before printing, the Editorial Board will send the copy to the author for final proofing within the required time limit. Therefore, the author is ultimately responsible not only for scientific content but also for typographical errors, misspellings (if any).

7) Unaccepted manuscript is not returned to the author(s).