Aims and Scope

LQDTU Journal of Science & Technique (LQDTU-JST) is a scientific journal with the ISSN 1859-0209, managed and published by Le Quy Don Technical University, which is one of the top 20 universities in Vietnam. LQDTU-JST publishes 12 issues per year, and each manuscript submitted by authors undergoes a double-blind peer review process, with at least two reputable reviewers who have numerous international publications relevant to the manuscript's field of study (

LQDTU-JST covers a wide range of disciplines and publishes quarterly issues for multidisciplinary articles edited in English and/or Vietnamese using the provided template ( In addition, LQDTU-JST publishes semi-annual issues for specialized sections, namely Section on Information and Communication Technology (JST-ICT;, Section on Special Construction Engineering (JST-SCE;, and Section on Physics and Chemical Engineering (JST-PCE; All articles of the sections have been edited in English using the provided template at More details about each section can be found on their respective websites.

Since 2022, LQDTU-JST has been registered with Crossref ( the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.56651 which is used to uniquely identify an article published by LQDTU-JST and helps readers worldwide easily locate it from the citations.

LQDTU-JST is recognized for its high quality, and according to Decision No. 22/QD-HDGSNN of the State Council of Professors (, it has a score threshold of 0.5 for scientific fields such as Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry-Food Technology, and Metallurgical Engineering. It has a score threshold of 0.75 for scientific fields such as Electrical-Electronics-Automation, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering-Dynamics, Transport-Management Sciences, and Construction-Architecture. Additionally, LQDTU-JST has a new score threshold of 0.25 for the field of Earth and Mining Science since 2022.

LQDTU-JST welcomes authors to submit original research manuscripts that meet the criteria of scientificity, practicality, novelty. LQDTU-JST is looking forward to receiving your feedback to continuously improve the quality of our publications.

The articles published in LQDTU-JST, JST-ICT, JST-SCE, and JST-PCE are indexed in various databases, including national databases such as VJOL ( and VC Gate (, as well as in Google Scholar databases.